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Wilderness adventure at Anderson Lake

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Wilderness adventure at Anderson Lake

Just got back from a 3 day trip to Anderson lake, with Patrice , Chantal and the kids.

I was making a trail from the back of his cabin to another trail leading to a cool waterfall.
because this is in the middle of wilderness only accessible by boat they use this waterfall for running water and they also generate all their electricity from it too, very cool self sufficient system and free.
The forest is totally virgin so there was a lot of obstacles, i was wacking branches and shrubs to make the trail. after a while i took a break for a few seconds to catch my breath and i heard a noise right behind me.
There was a Black tail Deer following my trail that i was in the middle of making. so i put my axe down sat down on a moss covered log and watched him for about 20 minutes. he was eating the small plant that i was ripping off, he was slowly getting closer and closer, i just laid still and watched. He came 10 feet away from me then i noticed another one just behind him. they were both super close, then one of them just sat down and he was just looking at me 15 feet away.
I stood up slowly and went back to the cabin to get my camera.
so i went back up the hill and through my trail and he was still sitting there, i took a few good shots. it was amazing. it was like they never saw people and were just very curious.

During my 3 days there i also saw Turkey vultures flying above, and a pair of very beautiful pileated woodpeckers, i had no idea how big these guys were, i was impressed