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Moving to Canada

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Moving to Canada

Well after spending 4 years on Maui and 5 years in Ireland, i decided to move back to Canada. Here i am in the small village of Pemberton in the mountains.
Even though it's been hard to adapt and settle back to life here, i love this place. The beauty of the landscape and nature around is incredible.
As they say, everything is big in Canada, the mountains, the trees, the wildlife...
Its time to re- connect with friends and family and to start living a healthy lifestyle.

I went for a drive to Duffy Lake today, there was a lot of whiskey jacks, they are medium size alpine bird and if you hold your hand out, they come and land on it to check if you have food.
they stay on your hand, its very cool.

then on the way to the lake i saw a old brown bear on the side of the road, i rolled the window down and took a few photos, it was maybe 30 feet away.
he's either very old or got into a fight, his head is bald. and he's got a weird color.

On the way to duffy lake , there is another lake called joffre and there is a big glacier just over it, Matier Glacier. There is also walks to other lakes you can do there, the lake is still frozen, since its at a high altitude. the lakes there are supposed to be totally turquoise. i want to go back this summer, its very beautiful.

Then i went to duffy lake and took a few photos there, its a very beautiful spot, the road to the lake keeps going up and up, the lake is at a pretty high altitude i guess, there was a lot of snow and it was cold, the lake had a bit of ice still. its total wilderness overthere.

On the way back i saw a black bear on the side of the road, i stopped and stood on the doorway/ step of my truck and took a few more photos, it was maybe 20 feet or less, right next to the truck. i was so exited to see bears today.

In pemberton its almost summer, today was like 18 degrees and sunny. i went to one mile lake in the morning and i saw a harlequin duck, it was the first time i saw one of those, what a beautiful colorful Duck. I also saw a downy woodpecker.
The wildlife was out in force today , enjoying the nice weather i guess

I went to one mile lake after dinner for a walk, it was such a beautiful evening. Just when i got there i heard a big cracking noise coming from the bushes right next to me, i stopped and saw this big black bear just a few meters away.
I backed off to give him room and he went back in to the woods, but then he re-emerge just a little further, and i just looked at him, he looked at me and he was walking towards me , i just stayed there and took a few photos, he eventually turned towards the woods again .
it was very exiting, and a bit scary cuz i wasnt in the safety of my truck. there was other people at the lake and its funny how a cool event brings people together, i talked to about 5 people about the bear, cuz they saw me taking photos and showed them my pictures on the back of the camera.

there has been a lot of bear sightings lately. they are just emerging from hibernation. on the look out for food, they mostly eat grass at this time of year.
its such a rush to see wildlife like that in your backyard. one mile lake is amazing for that , so much different wildlife.

Just got back from a 3 day trip to Anderson lake, with Patrice , Chantal and the kids.

I was making a trail from the back of his cabin to another trail leading to a cool waterfall.
because this is in the middle of wilderness only accessible by boat they use this waterfall for running water and they also generate all their electricity from it too, very cool self sufficient system and free.
The forest is totally virgin so there was a lot of obstacles, i was wacking branches and shrubs to make the trail. after a while i took a break for a few seconds to catch my breath and i heard a noise right behind me.
There was a Black tail Deer following my trail that i was in the middle of making. so i sat down on a log and watched him for like 20 minutes. he was eating the small plant that i was ripping off, he was slowly getting closer and closer, i just laid still and watched. he came 10 feet away from me then i noticed another one just behind him. they were both super close, then one of them just sat down and he was just looking at me 15 feet away.
i stood up slowly and went back to the cabin to get my camera.
so i went back up the hill and through my trail and he was still sitting there, i took a few good shots. it was amazing. it was like they never saw people and were just very curious.

during my 3 days there i also saw Turkey vultures flying above, and a pair of very beautiful pileated woodpeckers, i had no idea how big these guys were, i was amazed